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Ana Viana's journey to become a successful filmmaker began when she joined Jacobo Rispa as production designer for his futuristic film "On A Perfect Day". This film went on to win the best short film Goya award that year, and it was the start of Ana's career in the film industry. Since then, Ana has continued to hone her skills in production design, working with some of the most respected directors and designers in the industry. Her hard work and dedication paid off when she was offered a place at the National Film Television School (NFTS) to pursue a Master of Arts in Production Design, funded by a scholarship from Universal Pictures and a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Culture. Ana's success didn't stop there. She was also selected to be part of the BBC Designers Scheme Scholarship, and has since worked on a variety of projects in film, TV and advertising all over Europe. Ana's strong background in interior architecture, combined with her years of experience in both Madrid and London, has enabled her to become an accomplished filmmaker. Her friendly and professional attitude has made her a valuable asset to any production team, and her commitment to excellence has made her a sought-after production designer.

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